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Back when I used to have 80-100 page views a day (40 or so of which were because of a weird stalker type setting my blog as his homepage), sifting through referring links and search terms was a daily exercise in fun.  I don’t so much get that anymore, maybe because I’m too ADD to figure out Google Analytics (so stalkers, free-for-all time! I won’t even know you’re here!).  Flickr however is a different story.  Flickr makes it easy to figure out where people have been clicking from and how they got to specific picture pages.

For example!

  1. Yesterday, there was a picture of me looking ‘thoughtful and relieved’ about my bob here about 75% of the way down the page.
  2. C’est Halloween! What a perfect time for this picture of Rico to be featured on the illustrious porno site kittiesand[somethingnaughtythatrhymeswithkitties] which I won’t be directly linking to.  Rico says thanks, perverts!
  3. Today, as I was such a hairstyle icon in 2007 during the reign of the shaggy bob (thanks Kate Gosselin), I’ve been linked to while appearing ‘luscious’ (90% of the way down the page)
  4. That’s not all. If you Google “act xxx photos” you are sure to find this scandalous picture of two macaws I took at the Bird Kingdom in Niagara Falls, Ontario.
As someone who takes pictures and puts them online I would normally say I’d like a person to ask permission before they showcase my pictures (with the exception of #4 which is obviously just a Google search term).  This is rather funny though, and I not-so-secretly hope to find more in the near future to share.



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