Shylocking Away My Will to Drive

Note: White car, hatchback, my silhouette driving, just in case anyone wants to donate.

I really am something.

Years later, I cannot justify buying a car when there is public transportation around.  I’d really like to drive.  I look at cars and price them out all the time.  I just can’t do it.

I am not a money-spender for the most part.  Here and there, I buy things that appeal to me which are usually under $30 and if I’m feeling extravagant a couple of times a year, I’ll make a purchase of max $100.

As sketchy as the bus is, it’s really not that sketchy (I’ve lived in a much bigger city with much more terrifying weirdos, I assure you).  As a people watcher, it’s actually kind of interesting.  If you don’t believe that, you’ve never seen #bustales.

The last time I drove was July 13 when the Mazda died forever.  Hopefully I’ll drive again before July 13 next year, but if I don’t I’ll still have stories to tell.

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