Fresh Stereotypes

just now

Things I see often enough to mention here tonight:

  • Old people puttering into malls, stopping and standing in place, looking all around (above inclusive) in wonder/horror at where they are, occasionally asking a passerby a question, then after that person leaves, cautiously wandering further into the mall as if into a haunted forest
  • Cool-looking Asian kids running for buses
  • Women 90% of the time being far messier than men (imagine!)
  • Women 75% of the time being ruder than men
  • People in general walking in the rain without umbrellas (and usually one of them is me; not because I’m trying to prove something, but because I’m always running to catch a bus like some cool Asian kid)
  • Cats, glorious cats!  Usually crossing the street moments before a bus comes
  • My toes bleeding

Thank you and goodnight.

About Nik

Writer, occasional photographer, common street juggler. I enjoy cooking, crafting, a clean house, animals, and senses of humour. Oh yeah and being the mom of my boy John.
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