Body Found in Northern Ontario

Drove past this scene on the way back from vacation last Saturday: Uncustomary to the densely-forested area there were four OPP vehicles and a forensics unit (thank you Miklos for noticing that, I would never have known myself).  Cops everywhere and a familiar clearing we often dart our eyes toward to look for moose was yellow-taped off.  Originally my thoughts were: 1) Hunting accident. 2) ATV accident.  3) Body parts.

Body found in Lost Channel (Smith’s Bay Road)

So far this is the only article I can find.  My fazsa heard first that it was a woman’s body they had found which had been there for over a year, but rumours say it’s a toddler.  No official news from the OPP yet.  Of course our vacation spot would become a crime scene.  Really hoping it’s not the toddler, as sad as would be either story.

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