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I thought I came home from work to be away from Valley Girl gum-chompers, but apparently they mistakenly call at quarter after 11 at night and can’t hear a thing I’m saying because they keep saying, “[Like,] hello? Hello?!”  Dude, I get that it’s Friday. I get that you are in a bar probably, and I even get that you are probably a piece of poo kind of person, but Mama Bear is getting on in years and needs peace and quiet while she blogs about the serious things in life.

New things with which I have been utterly impressed:

  • The positive attitudes of a select few people
  • My ability not to run screaming and flailing-limbed out of my place of work
  • USS.  So surprisingly cool in person, fun to watch live, and with an outlook that deserves so much more attention. “In an interview with Niagara Music Scene, Ash explains the EP’s title: “Approved, because it seems like everyone has issues of self-worth. YOU’RE ALL GOOD ENOUGH! Most of life is just overcompensation for not feeling like you are good enough. APPROVED!”Niagara Music Scene
  • I think my parents’ cat has a Facebook page, not created by them, and so I can only surmise that the cat did it.
  • The first Game of Thrones book is getting good after 80% of the book is finished.  Good thing it’s only taken me 3 months to read.
  • Slightly steadier camera hands (but I still need a new zoom lens!)

evening scene

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