When what to my wondering eyes should appear…

… but the ugliest little bug I ever did see(…r).  Or so I thought.

midge?  not a midge?

I spent a good 5-10 minutes trying to get the sharpest shot in the low light just before dusk of this critter I nearly sat on in the back yard.  I had my mouth clenched tight in case it tried to jump.  At one point, it seemed it did, but…

creepy crawly

It turns out it must have fallen and landed perfectly on its ‘feet’ again, because what I was picturizing (as we call it in this neck of the woods) was but a shell of a mayfly who had moulted before I ever got there.  Thank you, this blog, for clearing that up for me.

Learn something new and sometimes interesting every day, right?

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Writer, occasional photographer, common street juggler. I enjoy cooking, crafting, a clean house, animals, and senses of humour. Oh yeah and being the mom of my boy John.
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