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I don’t review things normally, or when I do, it’s often not the most flattering of reviews, but I have to compliment this nail polish I bought yesterday.

I don’t need more polish, but the palette of colours you don’t typically see, especially in an inexpensive brand, was amazing. Essence has gorgeous neutrals and some uncommon bright colours too.

So anyway, I picked a couple up to do my toes since they were looking ugly and was pleased when they rang up at $1.34 each. The expectation was set a little lower at that point (they were on the shelf for $1.78 or something, so truth be told the bar was never set too high). Used it today, and I am so impressed. Smooth application (seriously very little mess at all), thicker consistency so it only requires a couple of quick coats, and so quick drying.  I put a top coat on to be sure they don’t chip too fast because a kid on YouTube said it’s not the longest-lasting and she seems right about everything else. This stuff rules the world of polish.

I like this video because she keeps darting her eyes/head like her mom is going to walk in at any second, but also because it’s a smart review and I agree with it. If you like nice nails, buy this stuff.

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