A Day Without a Dog

…or a few hours anyway.

So rarely does the house smell as good as it does when there’s no Labrador to shed all over it. I love this dog (now) but I am always glad for these blue moon opportunities to thoroughly mop the hell out of the floors she encrusts with her poochy filth for hours every day.

While I wait for the floor to dry as I am stranded on this island of a computer chair, I’m re-familiarizing myself with the sweet rock ‘n roll grooves of one Matthew Good. The past few years have been great to me, but somehow thoroughly enjoyable music has, with the exception of trips up north, dropped out of my life (I’m blaming the work music I have to listen to and the car radio, sorry Miki; fear not though, I’m also blaming myself not for having my own car). I was a giant music fan my whole life, and I still am, but it seems crazy when I realize I’ve forgotten hard about some of the great songs that shaped me growing up and through the first few years of my adulthood. It’s kind of nice to just listen to tunes for a while and forget about working in a poophole that affords me no car, while sitting, while working on stuff at home, while cleaning. I should do this more often. And the dog should take daytrips more often too. I try to refrain from using smileys in my blog posts but rest assured, if I used them, there would be one placed immediately after the previous sentence.

And one more song for ‘good’ (eh?) measure:

 Ex-Pats Of The Blue Mountain Symphony Orchestra by Matthew Good on Grooveshark

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