Robin Pecknold continues to be wonderful in every way.

You know of my love for Fleet Foxes if you’re any one of the four regular visitors to this site (including the weirdo who gets here every time by searching “elvira quesada”; hearts!). Well, there’s more proof in the pudding that one of this era’s most talented musicians is just as great a guy as he is at tugging my emotions every which way on a long drive down the northern highways.

Not only did he comment on this guy’s cover of “Olivia, In a Separate Bed”, but he complimented him on it and gave him advice on the chords he missed. What a cool guy. If only all talented people were this nice. If only all people in general were even slightly nice!  The guy doing the cover also got a tonne of Youtube hits and the front page of Reddit, which is always nice too.

And if it’s good enough for one of my favourite musicians, it’s good enough for me.

DhaniCol – Olivia, In a Separate Bed (Robin Pecknold cover)

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