TED Talks & ADD

Ah, crap.  It happened again.

Does anyone else feel like they’ve been Rick-rolled when someone sends them a link to a TED Talk? I just can’t commit 10 minutes at a time to anything these days.  They’re such good segments, very informative, thought-provoking and usually quite fresh.  So why doesn’t my body want to sit in one spot and listen to these delectable spiels whenever a friend (or foe) informs me that I must watch this video?  I can’t do it!  I can’t.  In the same vein as how I can’t watch a movie anymore unless Sam Worthington or Johnny Depp or a cat is in it, I just can’t commit.

If you’ve never seen a TED Talk, here’s what I mean:

Actually… I have a multi-million dollar enterprise if somebody less lazy wants to take the reins. TED Talks hosted by a cat. Pending production quality, I will probably watch that. Who am I kidding about production quality?  Step 1:  Find a pair of khaki pants, cat-sized.  Step 2: Get back to me if you figure it out.

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