Coffee Explosion!

phone call break

If you live on the countryside today, I consider you very lucky.  One of this year’s photo assignments for me is to photograph a wet country road  with a super-sunny sky, tree shadows all around.  (If you do it first, please post so I can enjoy your picture!)  I got the suburban version of that today but, as you can imagine, it’s really not as picturesque as the country concept.

For the first time in a while, coffee tastes incredible this morning.  The Tassimo sort of exploded the other night, nearly burning Miklos except that he had a dog bowl handy for whatever reason which he used as a shield as the steam and spray shot at him.  Thankfully we were aware of the recall a month ago and have ordered the replacement part that supposedly makes everything better again, and I guess we’ve been guarding ourselves ever since, dog bowl or not.  Today’s coffee was in fact Tassimo, but I made sure to stay at least 2 rooms away from the machine while it brewed.  It was worth it.  Sure hope that part comes in the mail soon.

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  1. I finally know someone who’s actually experienced it! Not that it’s a good thing, I’m sorry to hear it happen to you.

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