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Hello.  I’m looking for a car.  Preferably an un-robbable one, but I’m not too picky.  I do know that I want a cute hatchback and I do not want it to be silver or grey, and I am even a bit biased against black cars.  Sorry, it’s just how I was raised.  I want something in either a nice colour or pure white so that I can carry around a Coach purse and wear diamond-studded sunglasses without feeling out of place.  I want at least 4 doors and maybe even 4 wheels.  Automatic.  I am too lazy to learn manual, although I’ve heard it is the kitten’s PJs.  Used, low kms (that means under 100,000 but hopefully much lower).  Good on gas, as I am no millionaire.  Accordingly, I hope that this car is priced reasonably. I am telling you all of this because I am bored and because it is the truth, and because I don’t want to post about KONY 2012.  I just don’t feel informed enough.  Oh yeah and the car should not look like a hearse.  I am very particular about that.  I’m not carrying any bodies through town, just some groceries and occasionally luggage to go up north.  Maybe a prosciutto sub, if it’s me doing the pickup of lunch, which is not true today.  Miklos is picking up.  Okay, I will continue to look for cars now.  It’s been nice talking to you!


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