Veterinarian’s Day


This cat has been with me through my entire adult life so far.  He’s turning eight years old this year, which isn’t very old in cat years but seems to make me feel super old.  Tomorrow Rico and I will head to the vet to sort out some of his weird issues.  He hasn’t lost any weight but he’s developed some new and icky habits which I won’t totally get into.  He seems otherwise healthy, as do the other animals in our dwelling.

So why am I scared?  Let’s get back to the first sentence in this post.  I know I said I wouldn’t get into it, but it does involve blood appearing in spots.  I like this guy.  He’s cool.  Sometimes he gets all pissy and swats me as I walk past him for no apparent reason, but he’s been around for a while now and I’d like to keep him for another 120 years or so.

So wish us luck tomorrow.

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