Pink River Dolphin: Not as cute as you’d pink

I was reading up on the river dolphin (because that’s what I do when I finally have days off coming and/or when Wii Fit tells me to take a break or else it’s possible I will develop chest pains/arm tingling).  So anyway, they’re a pretty bland species, except that there are PINK ones.  Immediately, I did a Google Image search.  Almost as immediately,  I realized that living things that are pink always just look rather fleshy and not as fun as their colour would suggest (white people, for example, who are mostly coloured pink and, many times, orange).

Here is the best picture I could find of a pink dolphin.  I guess it’s cute.

Credit: The site I linked to on-click, since I couldn't actually find the image on the website... thank YOU, invasive Google Image search!

But to make up for it, here is a smiling dolphin (hopefully alive) being played like a guitar by some guy!

*noodly solo*


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