‘LEAP’ of Faith… You get it.

I did it!  I posted on the Leap Day!

Let me take this useless opportunity of a blog post to say, oh great, Woody Harrelson is in the Hunger Games movie?  Eh, I guess it makes sense.

Also, using intelligence of the many I know who have had their cars broken into lately, I think we may finally have cracked a nut in this burglar case.  Which, you know, would normally be the job of the police but let’s be realistic, I don’t live in NYC.  Or anywhere that cops care to do their jobs for the 10x more a year than I make for performing actual work.  Next step, stealth cam.  Step after that, closet rod chase on foot.

Nice.  [Note to self: Add tags later because tag editor has wet itself and gone to bed.]

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