Warm Heart of Winter

at the heart of the matter

This has to be the greatest January for weather in all my life (and maybe yours – I don’t know you).  Of seven (7) days, just one (1) has reached -21°C with the windchill, and only days later it’s as mild as last May would’ve been if it didn’t rain so much that I never went outside to check the temperature, except to let the dog out, but who even checks the temperature when they’re dealing with a mud-soaked defiant animal?  If Canada could go ahead and become a tropical paradise or even merely a mild climate wonderland year-round, I would be a happier First World dweller.

If you don’t follow @FirstWorldPains you may or may not get that reference, although friends of mine have referred to the world’s “picket fence problems” since we were in high school so I imagine it’s more popular than that Twitter account.

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