Vanity Days

be cool.

I kind of miss taking pictures like this.  Maybe I should crack out the ol’ Canon again (speaking of things I never thought I’d do anymore).  Also, this is bad news, but I went through a bunch of my old pictures and realized the funkiness of shorter hair suits me so much better than my crazy long hair of this era.  Shorter funkier hair could look good at a wedding, right?  I’ve always thought it was stupid to grow hair out for a wedding because it’s just a bunch of dead skin cells you’re going to pay an ass-tonne of money to have curled in a froofy way.  Gahhh.  I will research this more.  And by that I mean look at way more pictures of myself to compare.  I really do not suit long hair.  Especially when it’s this mousy-brown natural sort:

long haired child

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