Eat it!

Wii Fit Age: 23!  Suck on that!

And then consider that it’s only because the heat is so unevenly distributed in our house that I have to work out to keep warm.   Seriously though, feeling pretty good about that!  (I won’t tell you my last 3 or 4 Wii Fit Ages, but someone else might tell you they were at least 7 years older than that, and at most about 20 years older just a couple weeks ago.  Eek.)

This is what my neighbours probably see every night, as our tv’s in the front room.

Dramatization: Me in the window. Actually that is probably really accurate.

But hey, at least we have drapes!  [Joke explained: Our neighbours don’t have drapes. I can watch The Young & The Restless through their window FOR FREE if I want to replace the guy in the Hawaiian shirt across the street as the neighbourhood perv.  Yeah!]

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  1. Funny friggin’ post…

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