[Addendum to the Outrage of Yesterday]

I should explain why it bothers me so much that people are so insensitive.  I’ve always been strong-willed and for the most part self-assured (albeit a little off-the-wall), but I know and care about a number of people who are not.  There are a lot of girls working with the public who are affected by such comments, some of whom I’ve worked with who have quickly asked me immediately following, “Am I fat??”  There is no reason any of them should have to feel weird about themselves just because they have to connect with horribly insensitive people in their line of work. The fact that someone said it with reference to me is mostly comical.  The reason it bothered me is mostly because there are girls (and surely guys) out there who are not prepared for ignorant remarks and might digest [call me Big Pun] them a different way than a lot of stronger people might.

That said, I woke up in the middle of the night and vomited four times.  TOTALLY UNRELATED!

But seriously, it was because I was coughing hard due to a cold I’ve been battling and it triggered a gag reflex and from there it was just so much fun that I didn’t stop for five minutes straight.  Just in case you were concerned.  NOT WORK-RELATED BULIMIA.

My point is: Please be nice.  Be sensitive.  Think before speaking to people, especially the ones you do not know and therefore to whom you cannot hope to better explain your words.  We all have feelings.  Be a good person.  It’s nice.

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