Music Heals Your Soul, the Universe and a Waterfall with a Rainbow

With regards to my post the other day, I got my friggin’ wedding dress.  Unsure of why exactly, but I’ve been feeling like a rotten old bag of throw-up ever since.  Maybe because this signifies that we are in PLAN IT ALL NOW OR SUICIDE YOURSELF mode.  I am the worst planner of all things.  I am actually better on my feet than if I rehearse 100x.  I hate taking control and I like when everyone plans things for me.  Unfortunately, we are BrokeBank Mountain and so there is no wedding planner in our future.

Oh by the way the dress is awesome.  It’s not Vera Wang but it’s a designer brand that has similar ‘character traits’.  End quote.  I’ll just have to force a daughter/adopted Korean child one day to wear that gown on her special day.  I started twirling when I found this one though, and apparently that is the telltale sign that you were meant to get married in a dress so I promptly paid the bill and had a quiet panic attack amongst good friends on the long drive home.

It hardly if at all feels like Christmas, and it’s less than one week away.  Good luck shopping this week, men of the world.  Be strong.

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