Rest in Peace, Brodie

Nearly 13 years ago, my Nana got this adorable little Golden Retriever puppy named Brodie.  She grew up to be big, beautiful and fluffy, and like many dogs, she had her character quirks.  She was always a sweet and wonderful dog.  My aunts and I were talking just a week ago about what a smart dog she was, nosing her way out of her crate even when it was locked.  She had the girth of an ottoman and she burped sometimes.  I liked that about her.  Sometimes she thought your arm was a bone.  Although not everyone liked that about her, you can’t blame her for trying, and you have to be kind of flattered to think that your arm wasn’t beefy enough for her to know it was a living part of you.

She was always a big part of visiting my Nana and aunt and uncle at Christmas.  We all loved you, and we will miss you and never forget you, girl.

brodie dog

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  1. Christine Frisch

    Brodie will be greatly missed by us all. I lost my MoJo last summer so Brodie when you cross that Rainbow Bridge will you give my MoJo and Axl a big hug from their Mommy and Daddy!!! Thank you!!!

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