Well played, credit card company

I’m the kind of person who for a long time paid her bills the second she got them. Then I sort of slumped into becoming the kind of person who pays them on time. According to the $8 interest charge on my credit card this month, I am now a deadbeat in my eyes, but through no fault of my own of course.

If you’ve ever used the website I’m talking about (which I will not reveal because I dunno, couldn’t someone steal my identity that way? Not that I’d even want to steal my identity), you’d know how disorganized and poorly laid out it is, and how I fear for grandmas and grandpas using it because apparently I can’t even read it properly and now my perfect credit record has an $8 interest dent in it.

Here’s a thought for that website: Invest in an Excel spreadsheet layout!

And that is why I am switching to a different company.


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