Good Day

I have to say, this is the first time in weeks I have been able to say “There is nothing on TV.”  Even when we spent a week up north in the middle of nowhere with the rattly satellite that would lose signal every 7 minutes, I was happier about the programming.  I imagine this is a lot like what I can expect from my retirement years. Which is why I imagine so many old people are quite all right with dying.  Life’s all about television, right?

double moose

My earlier post would suggest that today was not the happiest day in a while, but it really has been.  The boiling rage refers only to the person who could destroy it all (again).  That said, the events of today have led to an incredibly relieving conclusion to a year that’s been pure shit bubbling on the back-burner for me and those closest to me.  I can only hope everything continues to get better.

Also, I vacuumed my couches today and I refuse to turn on the furnace even in this freezing cold weather until we replace the filter.  So don’t you worry, the day-to-day remains mundane and highly domestic.

It’s been good though.  [And now for a week of what’s sure to be pure shit!]

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