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While cleaning up around the place this afternoon, “Generation X-Wing” stuck itself in my head. It was enough for me to actually muster up the courage to scour my (very) dusty CD collection and dig up Matthew Good Band’s Raygun. After that, it became a kind of marathon of tunes I hadn’t heard for a while. Ahh, memories (of drives by myself). It was nice.

I think radio has damaged my head. I’ll have to charge my mp3 player more often, because there is really nothing interesting to speak of on stations that insist upon playing “The Good Life” by Three Days Grace 87 times each day. Bad radio, bad.
Anyway, the point I’m eventually going to come to is that in my audio expedition today, I happened upon one of the sweetest things I could have found:
It’s nice to find these things a long time after someone you cared about is gone. I knew I went to college for a reason.

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