Things I Miss Currently:

  • Our little blue car. RIP sweetie. You were loved.
  • The tartar under my gums before my dental appointment today. It had become a part of me.
  • The ability to react sharply and quickly, both physically and mentally. Painkillers and muscle relaxants are a wonderful demotivator and defense-mechanism-killer, but I like being slightly wound-up. Now I know why my friend who was addicted to codeine was such a lackadaisical slacker all the time.
In short, we got into a big car accident caused by a gent who simply had to run a red light, and Miklos’s beautiful car that he worked so hard to clean and never scratch at all for a whole year was murdered in the chaos. Thankfully we weren’t.
I’ve been paranoid of a crash or a spinout or a tire popping off for a year and a half now. This doesn’t help the paranoia. I’ve always thought to myself, “There has to always be some time to defend yourself from your car falling apart suddenly or someone else’s horrible actions”, but in this instance, I learned very quickly that there wasn’t as split second to work with. For a moment, I was afraid of the person I love dying horribly. I never want to feel that way again. The airbag saved us from that, as well as the car itself (built surprisingly strong; you can trust a Kia… a 2010 Forte, anyway).

Thanks again, dumbass!

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