Floods in Hungary

Maybe less impressive if you have never been there, but since we got to explore Hungary just under two months ago in near perfect weather, I am really sad to see the amount of flooding that’s happened:
  • Szentendre, where we saw this adorable dog; the water along the river was a lot lower when we were there.
  • We got lost in this part of north-eastern Hungary because a road was closed and a bridge was flooded out at the time. We really should have gotten pictures, because it was the only flooding we saw. Now, the flood has reached their windows.
  • Budapest. From the other side of the river, you can see the Chain Bridge which is mostly in the back left of the flood picture, in my picture here, before this part of Budapest was flooded. Another shot here (not mine) is of the Parliament buildings from the Buda side, now flooded.
  • More flooding in Hungary

Peter, who was nice enough to let us stay at his place and who paid for too many of our meals and activities, has said it’s been raining for a month straight. This is sad news, because it is such a beautiful and interesting place.

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