John Tesh would marry my ass.

standing higher than the sun

Tax return came this week, and since I don’t really get to enjoy it (thank you, school that got me so many places), I’m trying to curb my spending. This is when my blog gets useful!

These links are British, so the tools might not work as well as you’d hope, but the general ideas are common sense and a worthwhile reminder of what little things you can do to save some money (if not for yourself, then to donate to a good cause now and then).
One tip that seems to repeat itself on all money-saving sites is to never shop when you’re god-damn hungry. That always spells disaster.

On the topic of what’s actually going on in life lately, there have been a lot of hard rains and storms, and the grass is radically greener this week than last. I’m in love with spring, but you’ve always known that. Right now the sky is a weird colour that it shouldn’t be, and I’m playing elastic-band-fetch with Mixi while considering joining a baseball team this summer. Stranger things have happened to someone, I’m sure.

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