They All Must Scoop

For a long, long time as past housemates will agree, Rico has had a problem with barfing daily all over the place. The vet suggested he simply has a weak stomach, or he’s eating too fast. Well, one day after a good petting session, Rico stood up and started to cough up a hairball. It was to no avail.

I went out and bought a kittymalt the next day, which I’ll admit I’ve been pretty lax in giving him, but it seemed to help the first few days. After an enormous hairball, Rico continued to have little food vomits here and there, but not as much.
Meanwhile, our beloved Mixi, who was spayed in January, began to feel much thicker. She was also lazier than ever. We noticed she was gulping up pretty much all the food we’d set out within a few hours. Not good.
I spent a while researching this, and decided to try placing an obstacle in each bowl to slow down their eating. I can tell it’s annoying to them, but it has (for the most part) slowed them down. And the thing I noticed yesterday is that I haven’t seen a Rico-barf in at least a week! Incredible! Mixi has more energy, and Jane… well, she’s just kind of there, but Miklos said he saw her scooping some food out with her paws this morning to eat it. Excellent. Once again, the internet has saved lives!

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