Lessons in Morality

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On our daily post-lunch trip to the Tim Hortons drive thru today, I was telling Miki about the time *Alan found $50 on the ground opposite my cash register. It was a relatively slow night, so I knew who had dropped it, in fact I remembered the guy choosing a $20 instead of that $50 to pay for what he bought.

“It’s mine!” Alan declared. While my interest was momentarily piqued, morality stupidly kicked in.
“It is not yours. What if that guy comes back?”
“He doesn’t know he lost it!”
“I’m pretty sure he’ll realize. Gimme that!”

I snatched the bill out of his hand and ran out to the parking lot to give the money back to the customer before he drove away.

Well, sure enough, as soon as I finished retelling this story, we handed the Tim Hortons girl $5.01 to pay for 3 coffees, and she handed Miki $15 back.

We both stared down in shock. The first thought in my mind, despite the conversation we’d just had, was a defiant “TAKE IT! TAKE IT!!!”

Miki gave the lady back the $15, as he should have.

[But really, as long as that girl didn’t get in trouble for it, I wouldn’t have felt bad about it with all the Roll Up the Rims I’ve please-played-again on this year. http://jui.cc/oE ]

* names have been changed to protect the greedy

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