You’ll have to forgive me; I’ve never been anywhere.

banana olympics

Big news! Miklos and I are going to Hungary in April! This still really hasn’t sunk in for me.

Except that tomorrow when I wake up, I’m positive I’ll realize the reality of it.
I’ve never been on a big plane; I’ve never seen the ocean, let alone crossed it; I’ve never been in a total state of culture shock; I’ve never been in a country where I have so little a realistic idea of what to expect, except for what someone has told me. To summarize, it’s ridiculously exciting, or it will be, once it hits me that (OMG) I’m actually going!

Actually I think that excitement is beginning to build, as I’ve just now begun to think of the endless new photo possibilities. (Speaking of those, go here.) And now, to prevent any further evidence of how much I look forward to spending part of spring in a totally new place, I’m going to go to bed. Enthusiastically!


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