I Can’t Believe It’s a Law Firm!

40 shoes on a wire

Inspired by this, it occurred to me today how surprised I am that we don’t just hire out child hitmen (ahem, hitpersons) to do our criminal bidding. Keeps the kids busy, their cell phone bills paid, and at no expense to their reputations! We wouldn’t want to mar the names of our little future-shapers, would we?

If there is any conservative bone in my body, this one is it. The Youth Criminal Justice Act is a disgrace to Canada. When I was four years old, I knew that whether it was stealing candy, hurting someone else, or shooting them in the head, it was without a shadow of doubt wrong. If some idiotic 15 year old can’t figure that out, why do we want him/her an active part of society?
While adult crime has somehow declined since the early 1990s, youth crime has remained stable and violent youth crime is actually on the rise. The actual and effective rehabilitation of these young criminals (if and when possible) is something this country needs to consider, a hell of a lot more than it needs to consider throwing these kids back on the street to keep incarceration to a minimum.

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