Git in, ya dumb bastids!

"get outta heeere!"

I’ve just seen a Johnny Depp movie that I didn’t particularly like. It’s a sad day in the world of me; except for all the other happy things that have happened, I mean. Which is pretty much everything else.

Earlier today, I was about to text a girl I know when the phone started ringing. Answered, and no one was there. Went to text that same person again, and the phone rang once more. Answered, and this time it was someone apologizing for hanging up on me, and asking if I would be comfortable with an impromptu phone interview. I accepted, and I’ve since decided that as in non-interview-related things, I do way better flying by the seat of my pants than when I have to plan things. This is why I never make plans, people. 90% of the time if I plan something, it doesn’t happen, or it doesn’t happen right.

Anyway, I’m in a good mood tonight. Even Johnny’s bad movie didn’t steer me wrong. For whatever reason.

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