good golly more clouds!

If I could speak in a cat language that Rico would understand, I would say meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow, which would translate, loosely, to “Slow down when you eat! That’s why you’re throwing up every day.”

He gets so riled up before he eats, and I made matters worse tonight by getting him a different kind. This excited the hell out of him, despite how nonchalant I was acting about it to try to have him simply accept the stuff into his routine. Sure enough, as soon as I put down the bowl, he gobbled a bunch up, and minutes later when I went to figure out what was up with the router, I found a giant mound of the new food in a wet pile beside it. Thanks, Cat!

For the least cloudy day we’ve seen in a while, and for a Sunday off, today was pretty rubbish!

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