Whaat? Noo.


What’s that? It’s a beautiful day?? No need to look at the schedule then, I must be working!

Apparently it’s going to be thundershowers tonight. Yesterday’s storm was frightening in its brevity. I don’t like when people overuse serious terms like ‘torrential downpour’, but it really was Niagara’s version of such a thing. For example, my tires were actually underwater up to the hubcaps as the car parked on the street, which was ridiculously flooded. Powerlines kept touching, making that cool electronic machine noise you always hear in moments of sure doom in action movies. The wind was intense and sucked the curtains into the screen. Lightning and thunder weren’t too impressive, but they were there. I’ve missed this.

Watched The Happening last night in our boredom, and the first fifteen seconds of the clip below is the best part of the whole movie: (Ignore the idiotic slowdown and speed up… although it does maybe have its charm.)

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