I don’t play baby games.

island, on the rocks

An empty Tim Hortons cup sits on my desk, to the left of my computer and to the Southeast of my phone. This is a cue for me to make a tea. I enjoy a good Earl Grey tea these days. I also enjoy ‘paying back’ my sleep debt.

One day Miklos is going to pay back his sleep debt too, but his case will be much more Van Winkle than mine (minus all the tragedy). When he awakes, there will be mugs and mugs of coffee all around him because I was prepared for him to wake up one day. The room will also be fully renovated to adapt to the era we then find ourselves in. I’d wake up to that! Sleep for 20 years, then new decor and a shitload of old undrinkable coffee to greet him as he rubs the sleep-grit out of his eyes. Hell, I’ll even make some muffins, if the eggs in the fridge aren’t then as expired as the ones that currently sit in it.

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Writer, occasional photographer, common street juggler. I enjoy cooking, crafting, a clean house, animals, and senses of humour. Oh yeah and being the mom of my boy John.
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