Cat Lady Rambles #184

I’ve never really thought of Rico as ‘big’. Once, Francis came over to try and sell me life insurance (or something scammy) and the only part of that visit I remember was him saying “WHOA, that is a big cat.” I’ve seen bigger.

But Jane is a featherweight, and Mix is miniature. She’ll probably grow to be bigger than Rico, but right now, she’s tiny. And as Rico sat on my slouchy lap just now, I realized, he is not only gigantic, but also getting really heavy. He used to be so light. That’s what switching from $34- to $17-bags of cat food will do to an animal I guess. And soon I’m switching to Ruffins’ own blend at an incredible $10 a bag, so what will happen then?

PS, if you have pets, check out the Ruffins in your area, if there is one. Ours has food that is literally $8 cheaper for the same name brand bag they have at stores like Petcetera or Pet Valu, and the service seems friendlier too.

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