And then there were 3… cats, I mean.

Miklos found a kitten in the woods (or rather, some old men found her but couldn’t keep her). After suggesting what seemed like a dictionary of names for a tortoiseshell kitten with an exceptionally friendly and energetic personality for a cat who’d been left in the woods for at least a couple of days, we settled on Mix, or Mixi (for now).
We took her in for an examination Saturday morning after the market, where the veterinarian let us look through the microscope at the earmites she had accumulated. Cool! …We then had him eradicate them.

So after some expensive treatment and a vaccination, this cat looks like she will be our new money pit pet. D’awwww! She’s so wiry and friendly.
PS, we watched stuff blow up tonight, which should make up for how cute this post is. Except that the things blowing up were awesome fireworks over the canal. And I bought some thinning shears because your hair’s getting too fluffy these days.

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