The Smell & the Wolverine

green light 1-2-3

Nik says:

SPEAKING of smell
sweet jesus
that guy at X-Men Wolverine tonight?
fuck my life!
this guy looked like he was straight out of a Dungeons and Dragons match
dan says:
Who would think a comic book guy would have B.O.?!
Nik says:
HAD A GIRLFRIEND, so there’s officially now hope for EVERYBODY
and every time a laugh was had, a foul odour of sweaty feet, b.o., and general filth would waft its awful way in our direction
it got to the point where we bought popcorn to try and fill our noses with some other smell
and after the popcorn was gone, I just took off my sweater and held the sleeve over my nose.
dan says:
Nik says:
but yeah, lol @ comic book guy

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