I don’t know, Ron. That sounds a little crazy.

river lights

Yeah so I should really take a couple days out of having fun per week to do assignments and homework. Life is not supposed to be this good, apparently, at least not while you’re in school for less than one more month. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I’ve been at it for two days straight and I am still way, way behind.

…Ew. This guy on House is not pretty. Brazil nuts, eh?

So yeah, Twitter is the latest distraction for just about everyone. Texting the very latest thought from my head onto the double-you-double-you while I’m in the cafeteria/in class/on the bus?! Brilliant. No one cares, and it’s so exciting! It’s just like blogging, but littler!

Next week, post-Monday (which will be certain hell, as I will be writing a law test and presenting a topic for Training & Development), here’s the plan: Research the shit out of Carpal Tunnel for my Health & Safety paper. Come up with some bullshit for my Disability Admin paper that will hopefully be passable. I’m really hoping it won’t be a work-heavy week, which of course means that it will be one. Hate!

But it’s all worth it in the end for that little piece of paper that I may or may not receive, which will probably not get me a job until the economy picks up.

At least I’ve broken the eye-rolling habit I’d developed for a while there. Onward to positive things that suit me.

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