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It’s gorgeous outside but my toes are freezing indoors with the window open. It’s spring jacket weather. These are special times. I’m beginning to think that I just wasn’t meant to understand Chapters 5 and 6 of Legal Fundamentals for Canadian Business. I’ve tried all week to pay some kind of mind to either the book or the related slides, and I just can’t process. It’s confusing and boring, and really rather useless to whatever it is I’ll go into, seeing as I doubt I’ll be committing any torts anytime in my career.

And I don’t have much time this weekend to pay attention to it, either. Presentation on Monday and test on Monday = I will focus on the presentation which actually does relate to my program somewhat.

No good stories about the bus today (this isn’t the bleedin’… bus blog… oh wait, there actually is a busblog, I forgot). Except that the bus was really late and I called them and then they sent one, because someone apparently forgot about that route being a thing today.

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