Worst. Education. Ever.

blue, and brown, like water

Not that anyone who reads this will ever want to go into HR (especially now), but word to the wise, I really should’ve taken this program instead of the one I took at Niagara College which was comprised of NO electives and forced me and my schooltime chums into wasting a lot of our lives with such bullshit courses as Personal & Professional Development (AKA Teacher Forces You to Talk About Your Feelings Even Though Businesspeople Have No Feelings 101) and Management Principles (AKA Let’s Do Some Quizzes from Teen Magazines for a While and Call It 5 Credits Worth) and, of course, who could forget Non-Existent Co-op Because You Live in the Niagara Region During a Recession.

Yep. If I can transfer my credits, I know where they’re going.

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