There’s no day like a snow day


Due to “treacherous” driving conditions today, I decided to stay home. One of two of my classes was cancelled because the prof didn’t want us to die on our way in, so I figured that was enough. I mean, added to the fact that I didn’t really feel like going in the first place. Ah, sweet apathy.

The day off was even more a blessing because it means 1) my first day of school isn’t until the Thursday of the first week back, and 2) I got to hammer out a cover letter and resume that I was too lazy to do last night and send it off by the deadline.


And then I napped for a bunch of hours. It’s really been a great day in the life of me, now that I think of it. A waste of finishing powder, as Ellie declared us both earlier today, but a great day none the less.

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