X -Marks the Spot-mas

In the spirit of “I have to stop buying everything that I see” and “Oh, thank god there’s a gifting holiday coming up to save me”, I have begun a Christmas List.

  • Matthew Good: Live at Massey Hall
  • winter coat
  • Giftcards for Bluenotes, Chapters, Tim Hortons, Esso (or generally cheaper gas station)
  • CAA
  • printer that doesn’t stop working 6 months after I buy it from Future Shop
  • new tires
please don't go

I spent a good 15 minutes teaching myself the main guitar bit from “Love this Town” by Joel Plaskett last night. So cute.

A friend of mine is driving 14 hours today to get to his new location where he will have a freaking morning radio show. Crazy. Yep. I’m still working in retail at 24.

Time to get moving. And hopefully not itching.

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