There’s a man waiting to take me to something that I’m ‘for’

rcmp musical ride

Karl has convinced me that Live At Massey Hall is worth picking up. How? “Champions of Nothing” live, on loop, for 30 minutes. (That’s only the song’s elapsed play three times over, by the way, so it’s not that much.) Sure why not. Actually, it’s going on the Christmas List. I’ve spent enough money in the past 5 days or so. I should’ve started making this list 6 days ago.

Don Rickles has made the Shit List as of tonight. That makes me sad because “Rickles” is such a cute name. Then again, he is mean. Meaner than most. Meaner than me, even! RICKLESSSS!!! Yeah. You’re not going to get the reference but that’s ok. I watch too much television. I flip mostly back and forth between 24 hour news and the Comedy Network when Colbert/Daily Show/Simpsons are on. That is my television-watching sched.

I’m maybe having something tasty to eat tomorrow.

And I’m not surprised.

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