You can be an asshole too!

churchy by night

Do not:

  • Tell me the whole grain bread you have is on sale when I know it’s not, and then ask me in an old Italian man accent “Why your computers not updated for the sale?” and then look caught in a lie when my coworker comes back and says “It was another kind of bread, not this one”, and then do not hand me an unsigned credit card to pay for the substitute sale bread (and your various other sale items) and then get angry when I ask you for some ID. You just tried to swindle me over bread. I would not put credit card fraud past you.
  • Yell at me “HOW ABOUT PUSHING THEM ALL THE WAY THROUGH!?” when I am in the middle of collecting shopping carts for a kiosk that you didn’t pull a cart out of on your way into the store like you’re supposed to, when you are old and wearing those big black sunglasses with the blinders on the side. The only consolation I can find to your being impolite is that you will die soon anyway.
  • Do either of these on the last day of my seven-day work stint.

Customer service, she has worn me down. Three days off though. Good for me.

Also, I had an adventure! last night. Said adventure! was on the pier in Port Dalhousie that stretches right onto Lake Ontario, where seemingly oceanic waves were crashing up onto it as my friend and I tried fruitlessly to get photos of the giant moon behind some docked boats. Damn! The waves crashed onto the pier so high at one point that I grabbed my tripod in fear, mid-shot, because it probably could have been swept off into the lake otherwise. Adventure! So we settled for some church fotoz instead. Also… Firefox did not red-underline “fotoz” just now. Is that actually a word?

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