Operation Dumbo Drop


I’m getting up at 9 in the morning, no matter what. This late-night cycle has to end. Although it is the only time I’m sure I’ll ever do my course reading for Labour Relations, because let’s be honest: Who needs that shit during the daytime?? There is so much to be done. And I’m doing none of it. Snooze limit tomorrow: 5 times. Not 15. (I’m serious.)

Sometimes I see a light on in my house, and I almost walk past it, but then I think to myself, Suzuki is going to fuck your shit up one day, Comm-erson. Then I wise up and flip off the switch. But you won’t see me not eating meat or wearing grain-fed horse manure for foundation anytime soon, that’s for sure.

The two angelfish I got on Friday were ripped apart by the one angelfish I already had and his red-tailed shark friend. $11 well spent. Fate, I guess. I’ve been saying for a long time that once these two die, I’m going to empty the aquarium and never have fish again. It was wrong to think that I could go back on that vow.

Two roughly dressed people I didn’t know at a sushi place tried to help my friend convince me to try Sake by saying “it’s only 14% alcohol.” When I joked that I stick mostly to guzzling Life Brand isopropyl, the woman laughed and said through blackened teeth “We were almost at that point once!”

Aw shit.

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