Ooo, now e’s breakin’ ‘n ent’rin’ as well!! Fascist!

  1. Returned all the clothes I bought last week, save for the two I was unsure of at first, which ended up being my favourites.
  2. Bought little black dress to replace them, as well as pashmina and necklace.
  3. Did laundry.
  4. Got rained on in St. Catharines, as per the daily agenda.

I’m not doing my hair anymore, and I’m barely attempting makeup. F that. It’s summer. This is supposed to be my vacation. Speaking of, I think I’m giving up on the whole co-op idea soon. Sent an email telling the programs coordinator (again) that I think it’s useless to have such a program in an area where there are little to no job opportunities. Cool. So I’m going to maybe start having a good time soon.

Also, I want a shih-poo, but no one abandons them, so I might have to break my “only adopt animals from the Humane Society” rule if I want to get one.

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