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Oh wow, yeah. I didn’t update in 4 days. Surprised no one held a memorial service.
Between writing my own HR assistant job description for Goran’s company in a somewhat pathetic attempt at graduating college and all this rainy weather (which, aside from being bad for taking pictures, I actually love), I plum forgot about you, Dan. Well, I didn’t. I just forgot to write.

In light of this, I encourage my two other readers who are registered to comment, to write a brief (or very brief) comment to my most frequent commenter, Dan.

Also: For everyone who hates sunblock because it is greasy and vile and disgusting to wear, boy, do I have a product for you. Banana Boat Sport Dri-Block is amazing. While I was almost put off by the word “Sport”, it wears like a sunscreen should: without even feeling like it’s there! It’s only $9.99 at most places. Totally worth not getting skin cancer. Wear it, or your face and collar bone will be leathery.

Edit: Tonight, my 1:15am snap decision was to take online courses throughout the summer and in the fall semester (which if I had a paid co-op, I’d be working through) so that I can avoid people and group work for the most part come final semester. Girrrrl, you must be trippin’. I start next week. 😐

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