I love Crest Whitestrips because they make my skin look tan.

I love the Colbert is God graffiti on a shitty building on Westchester more and more every time I see it. I don’t love it because it’s awesome, but rather because it seems so… wrong.

Get Loose was arrested in Toronto. I wonder if he and Colbert is God are from rival gangs or the same posse.

I use a powder brush from Bare Escentuals. It’s getting old and worn, and now reads BARF S ENTUALS.

Mark told me he’s downloading the entire MacGyver series. I’m not entirely sure why anyone would tell me that, let alone do it.

I bit nearly clean through my right cheek today while eating. Or maybe it was last night. Regardless of when it was, I must say, there is pain!

It always rains on Wednesdays because it always rains on my days off.

Hey, the interview seemed to go well yesterday. It has so little to do with HR that I might actually enjoy the job, should I get it. But we all know how likely that is! Eh?? EH!? Yeah!

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