Okay, my room is fucking haunted. While moving some things on my bed (I had been unpacking) just now, I found the missing arm piece of the sunglasses; the very piece which I lost on the bus the other day.

Why this doesn’t make sense in terms of reality:

  • When the sunglasses originally fell off, I grabbed them from behind the seat they fell, without looking at them, and got off the bus
  • As soon as the exit door closed, I looked in my hand to realize the arm piece was gone
  • When I got into my apartment, I checked my purse (which was open at the time) to see if the arm had by any chance fallen in; no dice! Checked the plastic bags I had been carrying too. Nothing!
  • I have slept in this bed twice since it happened! Twice!
  • There was nothing on my bed while I was cleaning up today that would’ve been with me when I originally lost the arm
  • I want to believe there is a ghost in my room. Nothing exciting ever happens anymore. Let me have this one!!

What the shit is this shit about! Wow. And the sunglasses ride again.
PS: I already bought a new pair to replace them. Damn.
PPS: I don’t like this awful rash that’s forming on the tops of my hands. Dust allergy?? Monkey pox? I’m hoping for the more hilarious of the two. As long as it’s not fatal.

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